Various types of car services

A car is often the most expensive and cherished possession. While the car offers you comfort, luxury and convenience, it is indeed a tough asset to maintain. As soon as your car is on the road, it is exposed to a range of risks, all affecting its value in the long run. This is why it is recommended for every car owner to connect with the best car service Dandenong providers.

A professional car services provider will help you maintain your car, repair it if something is wrong and service each and every component to ensure you enjoy flawless comfort as you ride your favorite vehicle.

Car service providers extend to you a range of services from which you have to pick the best suitable one. In this post, we will talk in length about these services and their importance:

Various types of car service provided by professionals:

The first thing we need to understand is that your car is a machine and like every other mechanical gadget it demands care and service. While not choosing an automotive service is purely your decision, you must be aware that car service is the only way to extend the life of your vehicle.

When you choose to regularly service your vehicle you enjoy flawless comfort, and convenience as well as save a lot of money. Wen serviced in a schedule, you do not have to worry about unwanted wear and tear and repairs.

Car service is broadly divided into two categories:

General Service or minor service:

When you avail a general service, the mechanic would inspect the vehicle body, bonnet, change the oil and oil filters, etc.

Interim service:

This service is offered to heavy-duty vehicles, which are used in rough conditions.

 Types of car services

Depending upon the condition of the vehicle, its age, model and many other features, you will be offered one of the following services:

Safety Service:

This is the most affordable car service to avail. The mechanic would change the engine oil, change your oil filter, check under your bonnet, top-up fluids, inspect belts and hoses and test the battery. Overall, the mechanic ensures that the car is safe to drive for you and for others.

Major Service:

This is a service a notch above safety service. It is a bit costlier and covers all the service aspects covered under the safety service. However, the mechanic would also check the engine management system, diagnose the fault code analysis, replace the air filter, and replace the external fuel filter and non-platinum spark plugs.

Premium Service:

This is level 3 of vehicle service. The mechanic will thoroughly check the vehicle and ensure that it is completely worth driving. This service is important to maintain the vehicle and extend its life.

Ultimate Service:

Just as the name suggests this is the higher-most level of car service. The vehicle is checked and inspected thoroughly and the mechanic leaves no aspect of vehicle maintenance unattended.

So, these are the various types of car services you will be offered by the car service Dandenong Company. Take expert advice and pick the service that helps you maintain your vehicle in the long run.

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