Common problems that you can find during a roadworthy inspection

A car is one of the most cherished possession we all have. It offers us a great deal of luxury and convenience. You love to drive your car freely on the road but what about the times when your car becomes old. Yes, as the car starts to age, it demands repairs and maintenance. You don’t want to be the one dealing with car problems at a time when you are rushing for an important meeting? Imagine yourself in a secluded place with a broken car and no phone network? It would be tormenting, won’t it? To ensure you do not have to face such problems, you need to undergo a roadworthy Dandenong inspection. In fact, it has been made mandatory by the government for every vehicle that is 3 years old or more to get a roadworthy test done in due intervals.

From minor repairs to timely vehicle inspections, you need to be very vigilant about all the aspects of car maintenance. If you don’t, you must know that you would be riding a ticking bomb on the road.

What is a vehicle inspection?

Roadworthy certificate Dandenong is a mandatory vehicle inspection that is performed to ensure that your vehicle is safe to be driven on the road. You need to ensure that you reach out to a licensed mechanic to get a roadworthy clearance. During the inspection, the mechanic would test all the aspects of the vehicle and ensure complete safety. If the mechanic finds the vehicle in the best conditions, you will be awarded a roadworthy certificate.

Common problems that you can find during a roadworthy inspection:

There are many problems which you won’t be aware of but your car might have it already. To ensure you have a fair idea about the common problems that an inspection can highlight you need to read this article to the end:

1- Electrical problems:

Modern cars are more complicated and have advanced Electrical systems. When you do not take proper care of the electrical system of your vehicle, it becomes vulnerable to many problems. Usually, this is one of the most common aspects of vehicle maintenance that most of the vehicle owners ignore.

2- Alignment of the wheels:

Your car should drive straight even if you leave the steering control free, at least for a few meters. If you leave your car’s steering wheel and find the car moving to one direction immediately, there is a problem with your wheel alignment. Moreover, wheel alignment also saves you from shaking, or wobbling when turning and offer better control when you drive at high speed.

3- Brakes issues:

If your vehicle has a problem with the brake, you are exposed to a critical risk. The brake system often loses its strength because of regular usage. An inspection can highlight any issue with the braking system.

4- Transmission

The modern cars have automatic transmission and we all take benefit of it. However, transmission problems are common and equally risky. An inspection can highlight any problem with the transmission system as well.

In a roadworthy Dandenong inspection, a licensed mechanic would check all these aspects in greater details before offering you the certificate.


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