Whether your clutch is slipping, juddering, dragging or jumping, we can provide a reliable clutch repair service and get you back on the road safely.

The clutch is one of the most vital parts of your car. When it finally stops working properly, though, it makes the car difficult or impossible to drive!

A faulty clutch isn’t something that you want to drive around with and if your clutch is already slipping, increased activity will only make the problem worse until you are unable to shift at all clutches, like so many other parts of a vehicle, wear out over time. The rate of clutch wear depends on several factors, most prevalently your personal driving style and the geographic landscape in which you drive. If your clutch has worn down to where it is no longer effective, your vehicle will require a clutch replacement.

Here are some signs indicating clutch repairs

  • Clutch pedal releases higher than normal
  • Slipping and/or burning smell while accelerating from a stop
  • Grinding while trying to shift into different gears
  • A soft or “mushy” clutch pedal
  • Possible clutch hydraulic fluid loss
  • Clutch Installation Service at Becks is organised to provide exceptional clutch installation using superior quality parts at competitive prices. We install clutches which provide you with the same flawless performance as original equipment parts.